You know Coffee Mania for…well.. the coffee! But do you know about their baked goods? From creative cupcakes to the scones (the scones!) and the delicious focaccia bread, we visited to learn more!

We sat down with Bakery Manager Kate Smith and learned more about the bakery from her favorite thing to make, where she gets her inspiration from and more!

See our latest Experience Cortland video as we chat with Kate and go on location at their bakery!

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HUNGRY FOR is a series giving an inside look at some of the local food spots. Locally owned and favorited by the locals, these spots are not to be missed by any visitor to Cortland County.

You can get any of the baked items at all the Coffee Mania spots.

Sit down at Origins Cafe in Homer at 95 Clinton Street. *it’s on the corner!

Open Monday to Sunday 5:30am – 6pm