Hollenbeck’s Cider Mill

Hollenbeck’s Cider Mill celebrates its 86th cider season this fall. A trip to see the cider press, or to enjoy a freshly made donut is a fall must do in Cortland County. Get the most out of your visit!

Since 1933, Hollenbeck’s Cider Mill has been family owned and operated. From their humble beginning pressing cider in an old barn during the Great Depression, today Hollenbeck’s has expanded to making donuts, pies, and selling local products.

Plan Your Visit

Hollenbeck’s now takes credit & debit cards!

Posted prices include the cash or check discount which offers a 3.99% discount from credit and debit cards.

Order your pie in advance.

Panicking over the long line at the bakery and afraid they might run out of Dutch Apple or Pumpkin? Order your pies in advance! Just be sure to give the bakers at least 24 hours notice. Choose from Apple, Dutch Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan, Blueberry, Butch Blueberry, Cherry, Dutch Cherry, Peach, Dutch Peach, Raspberry, Blackberry, Lemon, Lime, and Sugar-Free Apple.*

See the cider press in action.

If you want to see Hollenbeck’s press their famous blend of cider using an 1870 design Boomer & Boschert Knuckle Joint Press your best bet is to go during the weekend. You can see the process up close from peeling the apples, to the cider flowing out. If you’re lucky you might get a fresh sample right there!

Donut line first.

It will most likely be the longest line there and that’s why you should go there first. Donuts come in half or full dozen orders and you can choose from plain, cinnamon, or powdered sugar. As you get closer to the order window (you pay here too) you can catch a glimpse at the donuts being made. It’s important to note that donuts are only made at the weekend. Donuts are made fresh every weekend until November 4.

Way more than cider & donuts!

Before you leave be sure to explore the country store display opposite the check-out counter. Choose from cheeses, curds and spreads, or local honey and maple products. They carry no sugar added items as well.

*Pies subject to availability

Check out their website for their open hours as they change seasonally.