Tourism Program Promotes Eerie, Spooky and Haunted Attractions Across the State

1890 House Museum, ©

In its fifth year as an official tourism trail, the Haunted History Trail of New York State is a collection of over 80 creepy, spooky, and downright haunted locations that offer experiences for visitors interested in the paranormal. From hotels to restaurants to a haunted asylum, the Haunted History Trail offers over 400 miles of ghostly adventures across nine vacation regions in New York. Those who dare to dine with the spirits, stay the night at a spooky hotel or take a tour at the many unique and strange stops are invited to discover the Trail online at

The NY Haunted History Trail is an incredible opportunity to promote local stories and organizations. At the 1890 House Museum, we have seen keen audience interest in the paranormal and we believe that there is a very real opportunity to use ghost stories to deliver educational programming. The challenge for us and other cultural organizations is to ensure that our programming remains rooted in historical fast. You may come for the spirits, but you’ll leave with a deeper appreciation of the local community.

Benjamin Sandberg

Museum Director, The 1890 House Museum

The 1890 House, former home of industrialist Chester Wickwire, has embraced its spooky past (Wickwire passed away in the home), hosting numerous paranormal tours and this year added a Victorian Séance to their events calendar.

Locations in Cortland County are featured on the Haunted History Trail website, organized under the Cortland County banner. The Convention & Visitors Bureau is continuing to search for more locations across the County to add to the trail. Three additional venues are being finalized now and should be added to the trail before end of the year. If you think your business would be a candidate for the Haunted History Trail, please reach out to Meghan Lawton at

The Cortland County Convention & Visitors Bureau’s purpose is to enhance the general economy of Cortland County, its cities, towns and villages, through promotion of tourist activities, conventions, trade shows, special events and other directly related and supporting activities.

One of the very first items I was approached about when I took over this position was the potential to add Cortland County to the Haunted History Trail. Over the course of its short five-year history, the Haunted History Trail has quickly grown into one of the most visited and talked about tourism programs in the state. We are thrilled to now officially be a part of this Trail, and look forward to promoting our spooky, eerie, and haunted locations to this new subset of traveler.

Meghan Lawton

Executive Director, Cortland County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Currently, one Cortland County location is featured on the Haunted History Trail: The 1890 House Museum.

Haunted programming is an incredible tourism driver. Both our Séance Revealed event and our Spirits in the Castle programming drew heavily from outside Cortland County, with over 60% of our sold-out runs being both first-time museum visitors and non-locals. It helped us develop new audiences, and we are excited by their interest in un-haunted programming!

Benjamin Sandberg

Museum Director, The 1890 House Museum