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                                         Embark on a stress-free adventure in Cortland County! With three awesome itineraries,
                                         we’ve covered all the bases . From hidden gems to must-see spots, we’ve made it easy .
                                         So, pack your bags, grab your crew, and let the good times roll!
              ITINERARY NO. 1

               GETAWAY                   Calling all little explorers! Our kid-friendly Cortland adventure

                                         is packed with fun for everyone. Get ready for smiles, laughter
                                         and unforgettable moments!

                                         Where to Stay
                                         Hope Lake Lodge at Greek Peak Mountain Resort is where the kids are entertained
                                         and the adults can, dare we say it, relax. Each of the 106 Adirondack-style suites come
                                         with a fully equipped kitchen, and if you’re traveling with grandma and grandpa, there are
                                         combining bedroom suites that can sleep up to 10 people. The lodge sits next to the ski
                                         resort, which is attached to a year-round adventure center for zip lining and tubing.

         DAY 1                                DAY 2                                DAY 3

         A.M.                                 A.M.                                 A.M.

         Start your day with the filling, homestyle          Railroad lovers,      Engage in interactive
         fare at the Cortland Diner. Nosh on the             young and old, will   exhibits and activities
         Cortland Skillet, two scrambled eggs,               love the Homeville    that bring history to
         home fries, and cheddar cheese topped               Museum at the         life for kids of all ages
         with sausage gravy. Kids will go crazy for          CNY Living History    at the Cortland County
         the Oreo Waffle.                                    Center. Learn about   Historical Society. Step back in time to
                                                             railroad history and   experience what life was like 100+ years
                        NOON                  explore the expansive model train layout.   ago in Cortland County at the Then &
                                              Take a selfie in front of the nearly full-scale   Now Children’s Room.
                        Watch out for
                                              replica of the front end of a Lackawanna
                        marauding buc-
                                              2-8-2 “Mikado” Locomotive #2107.     NOON
                        caneers as you putt
                        your way through      NOON                                 Grab a sugar fix from the 1945 Lehigh
         an 18-hole pirate-themed mini golf course                                 Valley railroad caboose, now the Frosty
         at Shipwreck Amusements. Don’t forget   If there is a sci-fi fan in the family,    Caboose. We recommend sharing The
         to try your hand at the World’s Longest   Area 51 offers a cornucopia of fun, from   Frosty Caboose Sundae, served with
         Mini-Golf Hole! Raining? Wear your   old-school box games to RPGs, collectibles   vanilla and chocolate twist soft serve, hot
         favorite glowing gear and explore their   and everything in between. Take home a   fudge, peanut butter sauce and globs of
         blacklight mini-golf.                piece of creativity with custom-made    cookie dough.
                                              delights, from 3D prints to puzzles,
         P.M.                                 t-shirts, tumblers and beyond.

         Play ball! Cheer on the Cortland Crush,   P.M.
         an NCAA-sanctioned member of the
         MLB-endorsed Collegiate Baseball     Dine with the stars, including a larger-
         League, at the Lumber Yard. Enjoy    than-life-sized Marilyn Monroe, at the   P.M.
         classic ballpark snacks and the thrill of    Hollywood Restaurant. Get comfortable
         the game under the lights.           in the retro red-vinyl booths, surrounded   Swim, slip and slide at the Cascades
                                              by classic film posters and neon sculptures.   Indoor Water Park & Arcade. The
                                              Order a Hollywood Toasted Cheeseburger   41,000-square-foot indoor facility
                                              and a heaping plate of Chicken Tenders   features over 500 feet of slides, a wading
                                              for the kiddos, and top off your meal with   pool, a wave pool, a 500-gallon deluge
                                              a milkshake.                         bucket and more. The grown-ups will
                                                                                   appreciate that they can purchase a
                                                                                   cocktail and lounge in the hot tub.
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