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Being Female: Creative Workshop


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Center for the ARTS of Homer
72 S. Main St.
Homer, NY 13077

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Being Female: Art as Empowerment is centered around encouraging and showcasing women in the arts in Cortland and contiguous counties in New York State. Our mission is to reduce and eliminate the disparities and discrimination against being female in our culture and in the arts. We aim to highlight the achievements and creativity of women in the arts and provide a platform for their voices to be heard. Join us in celebrating the power of female artistry.

Center for the Arts of Homer is hosting several creative workshops throughout out the day. Such as:
Riding in Cars with Ungulates: Writing Humor from your crazy life with Priscilla Berggren-Thomas
Writing for Social Justice: A Writing Workshop with Nancy Avery DaFoe
The Art of Songwriting with Patty Francis
Crafting a Journal: An Intro to Journal Making with Karen Dillon

Visit the website for full details. 

Being Female: Creative Workshop

72 S. Main St.
Homer, NY 13077

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