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Haunted Ghost Tour With Steven Albert at the 1890 House Museum


Event has ended


1890 House Museum
37 Tompkins Street
Cortland, NY 13045


(607) 756 - 7551

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Brave the 1890 Museum halls…Steven Albert will do a Museum Ghost Tour on Wednesday, September 15th, 2021 from 6:30-8:30pm at The 1890 House in Cortland, NY. 

“The 1890 House Museum is Cortland’s historic house museum. The home belonged to the entrepreneur and industrialist Chester Wickwire and has a long history of reported ghost activity. Visitors and staff have reported several different types of haunted activity- including footsteps in otherwise empty rooms, shadows, doors opening and closing, knocking and wrapping, silhouettes, and human figures in the windows. These ghostly activities have been attributed to several historical figures who lived and died within the walls of Cortland’s castle”. The ghost activity and sightings prompted SyFy’s Ghost Hunters to come investigate the paranormal activity for one of their episodes.

The ghost tour will consist of walking through the three story main building with Steven Albert as your guide. Steven will be talking with the spirits of the house along with sharing any messages from loved ones that also want to come through (for those attending the tour). You are welcome to ask questions and discuss (if you dare) any sightings/shadows or feelings of being touched for validation with Steve during the tour.

You are welcome to bring any ghost hunting gear(flashlights, special cameras, digital thermometer, voice recorder, etc.). Now is your chance to experience the 1890 House like you never have before.

About Steve:

Steven Albert is a respected Psychic Medium who has done readings and paranormal investigations for over twenty-three years. Steven specializes in spirit communication and psychic intuitive readings. He has the ability to see and hear things that others cannot such as spirit voices. He also receives intuitive messages via feelings, images, and physical sensations.

Steven’s abilities were triggered when he faced a near death experience in 1995, and he has chosen to follow this new path ever since. He has helped many people hear from those who have passed, as well as receive information about the living. Steven is based in Western New York, and welcomes you to review his full story at

Additional Info:

  • Please be prepared to walk/stand for the tour’s entirety.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Some rooms may have dim lighting and are in confined spaces
  • Please be advised that there are stairs on this tour

Admission is $40/person. Tickets can be purchased at the link above.

Haunted Ghost Tour With Steven Albert at the 1890 House Museum

37 Tompkins Street
Cortland, NY 13045

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