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NYS ACL Conference Event


Event has ended


J.M. McDonald Sports Complex
4292 Fairgrounds Drive
Cortland, NY 13045


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The ACL New York State Conference Event is June 24-26th at the JM Mcdonald Center in Cortland.
Schedule of Events are as follows (subject to change):
Friday, June 24
Intermediate, Competitive and Pro/Advanced Blind Draws start at 5:30pm
(You must be a Pro/Advanced player in the ACL system in order to participate in the Advanced level blind draw. You will not be able to move up for this and then down for other events)
Saturday, June 25 (Singles Day)
Women’s, Junior and Senior Singles start at 9:30am (Local Pts)
Advanced Singles start at 12:30pm
CompetitiveSingles starts at 1:30pm
Intermediate Singles starts at 2:30pm
(All for Conference points)
NYS Regional/Conference Winner Singles Invitational starts at 630pm (or at the finish of Singles Play, Local points)
Sunday, June 26 (Doubles Day)
Mixed Doubles starts at 9:30am (local pts)
Crew Cup starts at 12:30pm (May be limited to 10 rounds, dependent on team count day of)
Intermediate Doubles starts at 3:00pm (or at the finish of Crew Cup)
Competitive Doubles starts at 3:30pm
Advanced Doubles starts at 4:00pm
(All for Conference Points)
Costs are as follows:
Intermediate Blind: $25 member, $30 non-member
Competitive Blind: $30 member, $35 non member
Advanced Blind: $35 member, $40 non-member
All Jr, Sr and Women singles: $20 member, $25 non-member
Intermediate Singles: $25 member, $30 non-member
Competitive Singles: $30 member, $35 non-member
Advanced Singles: $35 member, $40 non-member
Mixed Doubles: $40/team members, $50/team non-members
Crew Cup: $100/team member, $105 non-members
Intermediate Doubles: $50/team members, $60/team non-members
Competitive Doubles: $60/team members, $70/team non-members
Advanced Doubles: $70/team members, $80/team non members
Payouts are as follows:
Intermediate - 50%
Competitive - 60%
Advanced - 70%
All other locals and special events are at 70% payouts as well (Sr,Jr,Women’s,Crew,Mixed Doubles)
Pre-registration opens May 21st for all events. Pre-registration is highly, highly, highly encouraged as to keep events moving on time and to limit all cash in at the event. Link for registration will be posted once it opens.
*There will be a $10/weekend venue fee for this event or if you are just coming one day, $5/day option. Questions on this, please reach out.
Sit-n-Go Blind draws will be available once boards become available each day. These are Cash only and payout top two teams.
This is a BYOB and Food event. Many area places for food but working on getting a couple food trucks to come as well.
Working with area hotels for discounted rates that are close by. Will update once details are clear and set.
For any questions about how to register, about the events, or anything in general, please reach out to your Regional Directors or contact Dustin Arnold at for anything.

NYS ACL Conference Event

4292 Fairgrounds Drive
Cortland, NY 13045

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