Blueberry Picking at Hall’s Hill Blueberry Farm

With over 4,000 plants and different varieties of blueberries, Hall’s Hill Blueberry Farm is a local favorite to pick your own!

Located just a short drive from downtown Cortland, Hall’s Hill Blueberry Farm has 4,000 blueberry plants and several different varieties of blueberries. The drive is easy and well marked with blueberry signs as you climb the hill from Blodgett’s Mill. Once you arrive at the farm, you check in at the farm stand just in front of the rows and rows of blueberry bushes. If you bring your own container, they’ll weight it for you. Blueberries are $1.50 per pound, so they weigh your container before so they know how many blueberries you’ve picked. Forgot your container? No worries, they have a few gallon sized milk jugs for you to use.

Once your container has been weighed you are left to roam the blueberry rows and start picking!


  • Wear good shoes as it can get a little muddy.
  • Whether you’re bringing your own containers or not, recycle your grocery bags and bring them with you to seal up your blueberries.
  • Hall’s Hill is cash only, so have cash on hand. Cost is only $1.50 per pound.
  • Have blueberry recipes ready to go when you get home!

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