Recently Experience Cortland learned a new snow skill: snowboarding.

Greek Peak Mountain Resort has partnered with Snow Operating and completely revitalized the learning experience. Snow Operating uses the terrain to help you learn to ski or snowboard. It’s called terrain-based learning.

Different styles of terrain teach you how to ski or snowboard naturally. The traverse track carves out the turns you’ll need to make across the slope. The banked turns help to control your speed for you can get a feel for making turns.

Learning to snowboard, I started with “the rollers” which are gentle rolling terrain that naturally controls your speed. The first thing I had to learn was to learn how to skate on the snowboard and then buckling in and learning to be confident going downhill on the roller.

With terrain-based learning, each phase of your learning journey allows for an easy transition from one skill to the next. Each skill you learn builds upon itself. Working with the team at Snow Operations, the instructors at Greek Peak Mountain Resort have adopted this new style of learning and can already see a difference in teaching the next generation a great lifelong sport.


Check out our video but try it out for yourself! Spring might be on the way but it’s never too early to plan for your next winter adventures.

Greek Peak has partnered with a New Jersey firm, SNOW Operating, focused on customer experience and Terrain Based Learning™. Terrain Based Learning™ is an award-winning revolutionary new way of learning. It removes the traditional fears and anxiety from learning to ski and snowboard and puts the focus on the fun. Terrain Based Learning™ is a process for teaching beginner lessons that utilizes purpose-built snow features to assist the guest in achieving the movements, sensations and body positioning needed to ski and snowboard.