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Mx. Congeniality


Jul 27, 2024
7:30 PM


Center for the ARTS of Homer
72 S. Main St.
Homer, NY 13077

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It's 2024's "Villain of the Year" pageant and each contestant is vying for the crown. But there's one title no one wants: Mx. Congeniality. On a stage where everyone's bad - being nice will get you a point deduction.
But someone has to win Mx. Congeniality, so it's all a matter of degrees. Sure Ursula has a mean streak, but isn't she more neighborly than Captain Hook? The esteemed (and shady) panel of judges will decide, but I’m sure they could be bribed if you have a strong assertion.
Drag artists from all over New York State will compete for "Villain of the Year", while they try to dodge the sash for Mx. Congeniality.

Mx. Congeniality

72 S. Main St.
Homer, NY 13077

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