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Radio Porchfest


Aug 16, 2020


Tune into X101 Always Classic​

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Hey Neighbors! PorchFest Cortland is gonna will be hitting the radio waves this year with our pals at X101 Always Classic​! This live bands in the neighborhood. Instead, we can all tune in together to hear a once-in-a-lifetime radio show with all your favorite local acts!

Even though we are going to miss seeing all of your happy faces, we are ~actually~*truly* excited thinking about every neighbor around town, around the county and, heck, around the globe, lugging their radios out onto the front porch, yellin' "howdy" to the neighbors, tuning in to X101 and BLASTING the first ever PorchFest Cortland Radio Show.
Can't ya just see it now?!

We'll have lots more details coming at you soon (times, etc.), but in the meantime: be good to one another out there.

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