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Life is better with sprinkles in Cortland County!

Welcome to the Cortland County Ice Cream Trail, where every scoop tells a sweet story!

With 11 stops sprinkled across the county, you're in for a treat-filled adventure like no other. From classic cones to daring flavors, each scoop is a taste bud adventure waiting to happen. Whether you're a vanilla purist or a wild flavor explorer, there's something here to tickle your taste buds.

So grab your friends, pack your spoons, and get ready to chill in Cortland like never before. Come join us on the sweetest trail in town – because life's too short for boring desserts!

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1. Pick up a Cortland County Ice Cream Trail map at the Cortland County Visitors Center at 42 Main Street, Cortland NY 13045 or at one of the 11 participating locations, or have a  map mailed to you.

2. Visit all 11 participating ice cream shops and eateries across Cortland County and treat yourself to your favorite ice cream creation, sundae, or any other delectable delight.

3. Upon purchase, you'll receive a hole punch on your Ice Cream Trail map as proof of your visit.

4. Once you've collected all 11 punches, bring your completed map to the Cortland County Visitors Center, or mail your completed map to the Visitors Center.

5. Receive a Cortland County Ice Cream Trail enamel pin as a token of your accomplishment!

BONUS: Every completed map will be entered into a drawing and one lucky winner will receive a $100 gift card to their favorite ice cream shop in Cortland County! The winner will be announced by Experience Cortland on the last day of summer, so keep an eye out for your chance to win big!


We run on ice cream and good vibes!

Embark on a sweet journey through Cortland County with the Ice Cream Trail! Discover 11 delightful locations scattered across the county, each serving up its own unique frozen treats.

Indulge in innovative concoctions like the Fruity Cereal Stuffed Shake at the Truxton Outpost, or dive into nostalgia with a monster banana split sundae served from a refurbished 1945 Lehigh Valley railroad caboose. For a playful twist, enjoy Cornell Dairy milkshakes and sundaes after a round of pirate-themed mini-golf. Whether you crave adventurous flavors or stick to the classics, there's something for every ice cream enthusiast on the trail.

Check out the 11 cool locations in Cortland County...



Don't forget to bring your furry friends along for a tail-wagging adventure on the Cortland County Ice Cream Trail! Treat your pup to dog-friendly delights at select stops. It's a woof-tastic experience for all.


Share your tasty adventures at each stop using #experiencecortland on Experience Cortland's Facebook and Instagram.

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